Tulum Activities


A place unlike any other.

With its unrivaled combination of activities, shopping, nature and culture, it is no surprise that Tulum has become known worldwide as a favorite holiday destination. We have listed a few of the most popular choices, but please ask us if you are looking for a particular experience:



A cenote is a pit that was formed when limestone bedrock collapsed under the ground leaving a hole or cave which was filled in by water that usually enjoys a brilliant shade of blue. Cenotes played an important part in local life over the years; from a source of water to a site for ritual sacrifices. Now, however, they create an extremely unique venue for swimming, diving and exploring. Our staff can help you find a cenote that is the perfect experience for you.



You don’t have to leave the hotel to visit Daria Tulum, one of the most exclusive clothing and accessory boutiques in the area. There are a wide variety of other stores within a short stroll of our front door. In Tulum’s boutiques you can easily find local art, home decor, jewelry, clothing, traditional crafts and much more.


Yoga & Meditation

Tulum is a very spiritual and magical place. A great way to immerse yourself in mindfulness of Tulum offers a variety of yoga and meditation practices and even SUP Yoga classes, offered at a variety of private cenotes in the area. The peace of the natural setting along with the healing energy of Tulum creates a very unique yoga experience.


Mayan Ruins

Probably built to intimidate visitors from the sea, the Mayan ruins at Tulum continue to impress today. Just a short 20-minute taxi ride from the hotel, the Tulum ruins are an enjoyable excursion adjacent to the sea. After exploring this ancient fortification, take the stairs down to the beach and enjoy a refreshing swim.



The Tulum area features a wide range of snorkeling options. Inah Reef offers a window into the fascinating undersea world of a coral reef. Cenotes and the waterways of the mangrove forests present yet another underwater experience.


Sian Ka’an

Sian Ka'an is a biosphere reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site established in 1986 and dedicated to protecting the unique and fragile ecosystem of Tulum while educating visitors. Designed for the eco-conscious traveler, the site only offers small group tours of this 1.3-million-acre site which is home to thousands of species of flora and fauna.